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Jesse Dykhuis, APPAC

Providing safe and professional placena services in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI since 2009

Service Options

Full Service or Express

Full Service Placenta Encapsulation $300 : Includes 24/7 pick up at the local hospitals, options to add placenta smoothies, tinctures, prints, or salves. Includes personal home delivery.

Express Service $210 : TFPOE ships you a convenient storage and transport supply kit. You pack it up and keep it food safe until pick-up can be arranged during regular daytime hours. I process your capsules and ship them to your front door.

Either service level provides you with a safe option for your postpartum needs. A full service package offers more personalized service and is recommended for first time clients or folks who prefer the add on products. Express level is great for clients who want capsules only and dont mind the extra day wait for the capsules to ship to them.

A Full-Service package including a placenta print and tincture

Book Your Service Reservation

Clicking the link below will allow you to provide some basic information and then you can expect an email to complete your booking. If you have questions at any time – do not hesitate to call Jesse at 218-461-1894

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